A Beverage for the World

While coffee was originally discovered in Ethiopia, it has spread throughout the world. Coffee houses were originally used to introduce it in many cultures. Over time, it became a household beverage enjoyed on a regular basis. Coffee is more popular than ever today, and coffee houses are enjoying a renaissance of their own. Meeting at the local coffee house has now become a way to spend quality time with friends and loved ones.

There are few cultures that have resisted the flavor and aroma of this intriguing beverage. Traders and merchants were the first to try this exotic African drink. Finding it tasty as well as energizing, they brought it with them for trade and personal consumption. They introduced it at every opportunity until it was a coveted item on their trade routes. As civilization spread and colonized new areas, it was cultivated wherever possible. Coffee is now the second largest commodity bought around the world, and only oil has a larger market.