The Secret of Coffee Bean Roasting

There are many companies that specialize in roasting coffee beans. When coffee first became popular, it was made by boiling the leaves to produce a weak but flavorful tea. Roasting the fruit of the coffee plant, known as beans, and grinding it was discovered to deliver a richer liquid with more flavor. This has been the preferred method of producing brewed coffee for centuries. From the beginning, this process has been a closely held secret among roasters.

Coffee roasting companies each have their own methods of brewing the beans they buy. Different methods are known to produce different strengths and flavors when the coffee is brewed according to instructions. Each coffee bean roaster has their favorite recipes for each bean. These recipes give the temperature at which the beans are roasted as well as the length of time required. These are considered to be secret recipes, known only to a few trusted employees in every coffee roasting company.

Modern coffee producing companies do not depend solely on the roasting process of the beans. While they can produce known flavors with confidence through the brewing process, they must also consider profits. Coffee beans from different areas are priced according to the size of the crop and flavor of the bean. There is a wide difference in cost, and roasters often combine different beans during and after the roasting process.

Combining the beans from different areas produces a good product with a more reasonable price. Roasting companies will often buy a large amount of less flavorful beans and combine them with a small number of expensive beans. This produces a well-rounded product with good flavors at a cost most households can afford. Companies that produce coffee often have their own specialty blends. When brewed, these coffees have a distinct flavor and aroma that is associated with the coffee company that roasted them.